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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Altered Art (and Alliteration) in the Round

It's really quite annoying when you save up all your photography to do on a leisurely Sunday afternoon, and then it rains. Pours even. Which means, for the entire day, there was not a scintillating spark of sun in the sky. (Huh, alliteration. Did I mention I'm a writer, too? *grin*) Anyway, I will have to retake pictures of these when it's time to post them in the Etsy shop, but for now they will do to show that I really have been working in the workshop, not goofing off. (And whoever tells you that they saw me in Joann Fabrics for three hours over the weekend is lying. Really. That wasn't me...this time!)

These altered art collages are based on some old CDs that were lying around the house. They make the perfect round canvas for colorful collages. (Oops, alliteration again. Sorry, can't seem to help myself.)

First, front and back of a completed disc:

Front of project underway:

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Very pretty and a great idea for a substrate.


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