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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mad Max: Cat Interlude #1

Mad Max the Cat: Is that treat for me?
Me: No, it's for the dog.
Mad Max the Cat: Why can't I have it? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Me: It's a dog treat.
Mad Max the Cat: But I'm a dog. Can I have it? Can I have it?
Me: No, you're a cat.
Mad Max the Cat: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I'm sure.
Mad Max the Cat: In an alternate universe, I might be a dog.
Me: You're a CAT!
Mad Max the Cat: Huh. Hey, look what that other cat's doing!
Me: Okay, where'd the treat go?
Mad Max the Cat: *crunch, crunch*

Me: Never trust a cat. :)


  1. LOL! I thought I was the only person that had a cat that thinks it is a dog! I love this picture so much!!!!

  2. Poor dog didn't stand a chance - cats are so curious and bright.

    Love your new blog, the background is so pretty.


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