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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mad Max: Cat Interlude #2

Mad Max: You're disturbing my nap.
Me: So sorry.
Mad Max: Must you do that now?
Me: The rug needs to be vacuumed.
Mad Max: *sigh*
Me: Could you move, please? You're right in the middle of the rug.
Mad Max: I told you, I'm napping.
Me: Please?
Mad Max: Go away.
Me: Alright, no more Ms. Nice Gal. Move your furry cat butt.
Mad Max: *opens one eye* I know where you sleep.
Me: So?
Mad Max: I feel a hair ball coming on. Like, a really big hair ball. Like, the Mother of all hair balls.
*momentary silence*
Me: Uh, why don't I do the vacuuming later?
Mad Max: Smart woman.
Me: Rotten cat.


  1. LOL!!! My cats have the same attitude. They "allow" me to live in the same house as them- mostly because they can't figure out how to get into the cat food bin themselves :)

  2. OMG! Mad Max looks just like our Sylvester! Such a handsome young gent! :0)


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