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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Portrait - Much Better!

Now that I've had time to really digest what I learned in the first two class sessions of Art, Heart and Healing, I've attempted another portrait. This one, I think, is vastly superior to the last one. (I don't cringe when I look at this one.)

One thing I've learned for sure: when attempting to fill in dark eyebrows, DO NOT use a black sharpie pen. I repeat, DO NOT. Unless, of course, you're going for that strong dominatrix, wild-eyed look.

I was not.

Here then, is my much improved second portrait. I think she'll probably end up being collaged (is that a word??) into something. I'll post the finished product when it's done.

BTW, in class, we're starting on altering a board book. This should be fun!!


  1. beautiful Cia- I love your shading on her face again! I've got an "artist date" with myself tomorrow so I'll share again too. It's funny that you write about the sharpie because I usually draw with a sharpie and I like the look-the graphite is new to me and I'm struggling with the look a bit. Isn't this a great class? Hope you have a terrific day!!

  2. Hi Cia! She is lovely! Glad you are enjoying your class. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Creative Blessings! :)


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