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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Angel Love is Completed (Just for you, Kim!)

The painting is too large for my scanner, so this photo will have to do. The title is "Angel Love". I'm so proud of this piece! Many thanks to Tam Laporte, the instructor for this class. (See sidebar if you're interested in checking out her web site and/or classes.)

And Kim, I do believe this class will be available on CD later.


  1. Cia- I adore this piece! I love the trees in the corners- and the colors are very soothing again. Did you use mica flakes in her wings? I really like the gold accents and just that one pop of blue in the bird- you must be very proud of this artwork- it's gorgeous! I hope I didn't guilt you into finishing- but what a surprise for my day- I have a big smile. I have to go now and pop it up bigger again- I keep noticing details I missed in the first look! I'm thinking after we finally have enough saved for a new furnace I'm going to have to take this class! Did I mention it's beautiful??

  2. Kim, you're so sweet. Thanks for all the encouraging words. No, that's not mica flakes on the wings, it's gold leaf. Although I think the mica flakes would have given a similar look and been much easier to work with! You didn't guilt me into finishing, lol. It was close to being done and I couldn't seem to stop working on it. I think I'm going to have to do another in the same style. I really had fun with this one. You will *love* the class!

  3. Hello! I wanted to try to comment, and yeah, it's better this way! I can tell you again that I like your angel! Your picture is really pretty!

  4. oh your angel painting for Willowings class turned out lovely!!!! super nice job, I like the Mucha effect.

    psst.... it's 2011

    Hugs sharon::skiesart

  5. Oh Cia ! This is SO BEAUTIFUL !!!!! I love the tree at the bottom corners and the leaves on the side... the whole frame is exquisite and the color scheme you chose are SO AWESOME !!! How did you do that wing? Oh my.. this is really beautiful, Cia !!! xoxoxo


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