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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mucha and Me (and an Angel, Of Course!)

Our project in class for the next two weeks is an Angel (showing compassion, unconditional love, or some similar theme) in a style reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha. Though I never really paid much attention to it before, I've now discovered that I love Mucha's work. His incredible paintings of women, combining structure and symmetry (i.e. frames and repetitive decorative designs) with flowing lines, delicate drapes, and untamed masses of hair (am I good at descriptions, or what, lol) seem to hit my cerebral cortex in just the right spot. In other words, he inspires the hell out of me.

We are doing our painting/collage in two steps: one is the background (or the frame, for those of you familiar with Mucha's style), the other is the Angel (and whatever else we decide to put in the scene). When both are done, we will collage them together.

Here's the quick practice doodle of the Angel I did in my journal. Note the oh-so-very-awful hand on the angel (hey, I was in a hurry!).

Here's the finished drawing, awaiting paint:

And here's a peek at the background:

I'll post the completed piece when I'm done. (Probably tonight, lol.)

Did I mention I love Mucha?!


  1. Cia....O.M.G. I simple love the background you've done! Did you use crackle glaze?? I bought some recently but haven't used it yet...lovely! Love your angel too. I wasn't inspired at first but you know I watched Tam's video and then I drew my sketch, now I can't wait to get started!!

    Can't wait to see yours finished

    Ro xx

  2. oooohhhhh- I really cannot wait to see this finished! I hope this class is offered later on cd because I absolutely love what you have been creating! Can you finish it today and post later??? No??? darn- guess I'll go try to be patient. Lovely so far Cia ♥


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