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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roy's Angel

It's very surprising and sad to me that many of the elderly at the assisted living facility where my father lives (he has Alzheimer's) have no one who visits them...at all. My sister and I have "adopted" Roy, a 94-years-young gentleman whose only son lives out of state and doesn't visit very often. Roy is a sweetheart. We smuggle chocolate and all kinds of other contraband in to him. *grin*

When we discovered that he has nothing on the walls in his room, I painted this angel for him. We'll be giving it to him on Wednesday. Hope he likes it. :)


  1. awww... that is so sweet of you. My grandmother is 94 and in an assisted living apartment, too. I see her weekly and she has a standing appointment with me to do her hair. I rarely see people visiting anyone there. It is so sad to see the way we treat our elderly. Like they have nothing left to offer when the have sooo much. Other countries from what I understand treat their elderly with much more respect. I'm sure Roy will be overjoyed and very touched by your gesture of your sweet angel.

    If you're interested, I have a giveaway I'm calling "The Sisterhood of The Traveling Book" that you may find is fun, come on by and join in! Your artwork would fit right in :)

    Happy Creating,

  2. I think Roy will love it- it's beautiful and it shows that someone cares about him- what could be better to have hanging on your wall? I hope you have a good visit with Roy!


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