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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dragonfly Fairy

I've been practicing different kinds of faces. Here's a new fairy one: mixed media on paper, entitled "Dragonfly Fairy."

I also want to thank everyone who's been visiting and leaving such lovely comments on my paintings. I truly appreciate the encouragement and support. :)


  1. I hope this doesn't sound wrong- I think I see an improvement in your faces since you began. I really like the shading and highlights in this one- and I adore her wings! Keep going Cia- you are rocking it!!!

  2. Hi Sweetheart Only just stummbled accross you der how silly am i? I notice youve been following me for ages but dont know why i never came over here but no im so glad i did :) im very pleased to meet you and your lovely art i adore your style so simple yet adorable. I certainly will be over more now ive found you x x crystal

  3. Cia, She is so charming! I love her pointed ears! You've done wonderful things with the way the light and color plays on your piece. Beautiful!


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