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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hope: She Has a Name

My lovely friend, Kim, remarked the other day that my painting of the "no name" woman made her think of waiting. That struck a chord with me. Also, someone else mentioned to me that the subject looks like she's bathed in candlelight. Those two things made me think of the saying, "Hope lights a candle in the darkness." And the girl in the painting said, yes. That's me.

So, meet Hope. The title of the painting: Hope Lights a Candle. Here she is with her final detail work.

(Thanks, Kim!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Girl with No Name

She wanted very much for me to paint her, but she gave me no clues about her name or the message she wanted to convey. So, I'm waiting, listening, seeking.

It will come.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magdalena, the Woman with the Alabaster Jar

I had a very unusual experience while working on this painting. If you're an artist, then perhaps you've known that feeling of a piece of work being "divinely inspired" or otherwise coming from a place outside of you.

As I drew the sketch for Magdalena, I felt as though someone was guiding my hand...literally. I've had very little in the way of training when it comes to my art, so most of what I do is intuitive. I try something and if it doesn't work, I try something else. But this time, as soon as I drew a line I knew immediately if it was right or wrong. No, I take that back. Even *as* I drew a line, I knew immediately if it was going to stay, or be erased and redrawn. It was as if I *knew* just how the painting was supposed to turn out...not my usual mode of working. It was an odd, but very amazing, experience.

As many of you probably know, Magdalena refers to Mary Magdalene, otherwise known as "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar." She has come to mean, for many women, the embodiment of the feminine aspect of the divine. I have a special place in my heart for her.

Later, as I was telling my sister the story of my "inspired" painting, she immediately said, "You know who was guiding you, don't you? Mom."

How funny that I didn't see that at first. We lost Mom in December 2008 of complications from her vascular dementia.

Her name was Marion, a derivative of the name Mary. :)

Thanks for the help, Mom. I love my "inspired" painting.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Always Wear Flowers in Your Hair

This gal was painted in response to a prompt challenge from Tam on her Willowing site. (One of my very favorite Internet art sites.) Only...I cheated. *grin* The challenge was to use only a very limited palette of colors (black, white, flesh tone, pink), which intrigued me. However, I did not succeed, lol. I added some celery green and a tiny bit of yellow/gold.

So, yeah, I'm terrible at following directions. But I still got a nice painting out of it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Pieces: An Angel and a Star

Trying to get some new pieces done for the GWCC annual show, An Artful Affair, coming up on October 1st. Here's one I just finished, and one that's almost done.

"Give Love"
This piece was inspired, in part, by all the rioting in London. It's times like these that make me feel we need to spend some conscious effort on spreading more love around. The universe badly needs it.

The second piece, which still needs some detailing, contains one of my favorite affirmations: shine like the star that you are. We all need reminders of this one!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soar! Something different

Look, it's not an angel! *grin*

This bird was inspired by a bird I saw in flight. It was just so majestic looking. So, I recreated it and set it on a background that only hints at land, and earth, and water, but they're there.

I love this piece, especially the sentiment: Soar.

What...Another Angel?

Yep. :)

This mixed media painting is actually going to be the cover on a wooden box. I painted directly on the wood and still have a small bit of detailing yet to do. I think she's my favorite angel so far.

The painting's entitled "Angel Wings."