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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Always Wear Flowers in Your Hair

This gal was painted in response to a prompt challenge from Tam on her Willowing site. (One of my very favorite Internet art sites.) Only...I cheated. *grin* The challenge was to use only a very limited palette of colors (black, white, flesh tone, pink), which intrigued me. However, I did not succeed, lol. I added some celery green and a tiny bit of yellow/gold.

So, yeah, I'm terrible at following directions. But I still got a nice painting out of it!


  1. Cia, While challenges are allot of fun, we still must listen to our muse. Art is about freedom of expression after all! And your muse did not let you down on this one! She is beautiful! I love the subtle greens you used as your neutral tone. The soft color in the flowers is perfect! I might give this challenge a go - not sure yet...
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  2. stunning....... and very true :) i have taken to wearing a flower in my hair its my visual to remind me to smile :) love your artwork x x

  3. love, love, love her eyes! This painting has such a soft magical feeling- wonderful Cia--you make me want to get out my paints every time I visit ♥


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