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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Pieces: An Angel and a Star

Trying to get some new pieces done for the GWCC annual show, An Artful Affair, coming up on October 1st. Here's one I just finished, and one that's almost done.

"Give Love"
This piece was inspired, in part, by all the rioting in London. It's times like these that make me feel we need to spend some conscious effort on spreading more love around. The universe badly needs it.

The second piece, which still needs some detailing, contains one of my favorite affirmations: shine like the star that you are. We all need reminders of this one!


  1. I love them both Cia- your art is always so positive and full of color and happiness-- just like you :)

  2. Cia, I love them both too. I'm glad you did a piece with the London riot in mind. There is a real need for more love in this world! It seems that negativity is trying to get a firmer foothold more and more. The sweetness of the face on your girlie is so special! I love her eyes and the way you painted her hair. Just lovely! I could look at her all day and feel soothed and calm.
    Jessi <3 xox


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