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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Class!

I'm becoming an online-art-class junkie, I think. Can't help it. I love learning, I love making art, and I love the fact that these classes can be done at my own pace, as time and real life permit. (I'm a night owl, so being able to do homework at 3:00 in the morning is wonderful!)

My latest class, one which I'm enjoying immensely, is Jane Davenport's Supplies Me Workshop. As Jane says,

It’s for anyone who has bought lovely
art supplies and hardly used them.
It’s for anyone who loves drawing
pretty faces ( or wants to learn how!).
It’s for anyone who needs a break
from the craziness of the world.

In other words, it's perfect for me! (Who hasn't bought art supplies, brought them home, and then never used them because we weren't quite sure what to *do* with them?)

Anyway, here are my homework assignments from the first week. We were striving for a great deal of texture underneath a layer of gesso, then creating on top of that. One thing I learned from the lesson: art pens do not work well on texture. Too bumpy! I stuck to pencils after that.


  1. It looks great Cia. I too am addicted to online art classes, as well as being addicted to art supplies.
    I'm exited to be doing Jane's class. Have you enrolled in Tam's 'Life book' course for 2011? I'm thinking of doing that one one too.
    See you at Jane's.
    Kyles :D

  2. Hi, Kyles,

    I am seriously thinking about taking Tam's class. It's a big commitment, but I keep thinking of all the growth and learning that will occur. And of course, the friendships! :)

  3. Lovely blog and glad to have you at "Supplies Me" class ... Cheers!

  4. Hi Cia! Great work in your new class! I wanted to sign up for this one but I'm just too busy with my Dad and the family right now. I am taking Tam's class tho, for sure!
    Jessi xox


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