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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lots of Navel Gazing Coming in 2012

In a huge burst of spontaneous combustion, er, I mean confidence, I have signed up for not one, but two, year-long art journaling classes: Willowing's Life Book 2012 and Wild Precious' (Precious'es? Precious's? My Preciousssssss?) 2012 Book of Days. Why? Because, like Mount Everest, they're there, and I feel like climbing.

Heh. Not really. The real reason is that I want to do lots of personal art and introspection in the coming year. Not sure where either will lead, but I think it's one of those deals where the journey is more important than the landing. I'm quite sure, though, that as the year progresses, it will get harder and harder to keep up with both classes, but you know what? That's okay. I'm going to enjoy the ride, revel in the scenery, take pit stops when I need to, and not sweat the small stuff.

And not sweating the small stuff brings me to the word I've chosen for my 2012 Book of Days. In Effy Wild's class, we will spend the year exploring our chosen word and it's implications in (on?) our lives through our journaling. My word, which jumped up in my face and wouldn't go away, is 'release': releasing feelings, expectations, people, old grudges, whatever it may be that no longer has a place in my life. Releasing it, letting go, and moving on.

Should be an interesting year.

I'll blog here about my progress in both classes as 2012 progresses. For now, I'll leave you with pictures of the journal I decorated for the Book of Days class. As you can see, it has my chosen word front and center. That way I won't forget it. :)


  1. I'm pickled tink to have you. <3

    Your cover is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I am taking the Life Book class. It should be a great experience.

  3. Wow your decorated cover is awesome! I think you have inspired me to do a cover for my new sketchbook too x chellesky
    I hope Lifebook is everything you want it to be and more Cia. Happy Arting!

  4. Great book cover and great word for the yr!


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