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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life Book, Week 8: Epic Fail? Nope.

When it comes to art, I do pretty.

I freely admit I have control issues. Try as I might, I find it extremely hard to be...messy...in my art. I want to be. I try to be. I fail. :(

I went into the studio to do Mystele's lovely lesson on "art with abandon" with high hopes, however. This time, this time, I was going to do it. Unleash the messy beast inside of me. Yeah!  Let's hear it for coloring outside the lines!

But...but...it's pretty. And neat. And controlled. Again.


So, I went back into the studio this afternoon determined to make a mess of things. On paper. On purpose.

And I wasn't coming out until it was done. (Or until dinner. Whichever came first.)

I pushed myself. I really did. And I think I made a little progress. It's still too neat; I was still too controlled about the process. But I'm learning. And that, after all, is what these classes are all about.

In my book, anytime I step outside my comfort zone to try something new, it's a win.

Every time.

Thanks, Mystele. :)


  1. I can see the difference in the two paintings-they are both very beautiful- but you can see just a hint of less control in the second one. I really need to catch up- I'm just really stuck on Bonnie's lesson-maybe I should just set it aside and go back to it later on. I agree Cia- anytime you learn and try something new that means we are growing. Your work has such a distinctive style and feel to it--I think it draws the viewer in- very gorgeous work my friend ♥

  2. Reverend muses of mayhem take pity!
    Poor Cia feels doomed to do pretty.
    Pray steer her astray
    Down the disheveled way
    Toward GRISLY and GARISH and GRITTY!

  3. Beautiful as always, Cia ! .. and hello :)

  4. I love the bird Cia! It makes me smile because the first sound I heard this morning, while it was still dark, was a bird chirping. So cheery and hopeful...Like your work :)


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