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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life Book 2012: Week 6

One of my favorite teachers, Tamara LaPorte, was this week's instructor in LifeBook 2012. We did a technique that I've done before with Tam (in another class): the Paint-over Collage. It was lots of fun then and just as much fun this time around.

This week's theme was "Celebrating Our Achievements," which may not be obvious when you look at my piece, but trust me...the celebration is there.


  1. This is a beautiful piece. I can see the celebration and feeling in your work.

  2. oh my Cia-this is just gorgeous! I have been trying not to look at other's work because I am playing catch up- but I had to come see this and I'm so glad I did! Your work just keeps getting better and better- the mixture of the colors in this one is just divine!! Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other- I wish so much we could have an art date day! Beautiful work my friend ♥


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