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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

29 Faces Challenge

Because I need more stress in my life (ha!), I've decided to take part in the 29 Faces ChallengeWe have 31 days to make 29 faces, any medium, size, or technique, finished or not. Seeing as it's already the 2nd of May, I'm already behind a day. What else is new, lol?

Seriously, tho, I love the idea of challenging myself to produce these faces for 29 straight days, because I'm absolutely not going to obsess about the final product, just the process. And if I miss some days because of client needs, or Dad's Alzheimer's, or just plain ol' tiredness, well, then I miss a few days. I'm not going to let stress ruin my fun. (I'm not!)

So here's entry #1. A quick-ish portrait of a young woman. We're off and running!


  1. Beautiful portrait Cia... and so happy you are joining in... I have been scrolling through your blog and your paintings are awesome... magical art... it is going to be fun month...

    Jenny x

  2. She's beautiful! welcome to the challenge!

  3. She is wonderful. I applaud you for not letting the stress in.

  4. She is beautiful. You have so much talent, that I'm in awe of your work.

  5. I love how she fades in and out. Beautiful!


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