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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

I've been thinking a lot about Mothers and Daughters lately. My Mother's birthday is tomorrow; she would have been 78.  Also, Mother's Day is next Sunday. I guess that accounts for all the ruminations. Anyway, this piece is part of my 29 Faces in May Challenge, but it's also an homage to Mother's and Daughters everywhere (thinking of you especially, Missy and Barbara, my Song Bird). I'm also including a poem I wrote not long after Mom passed away. I was taking a walk and felt her all around me. It was very comforting.

Angels Among Us

by Cia Williford

If it wasn't you in the fragrant breeze
that left me high, with weakened knees,

if it wasn't you in the summer skies,
blazing through my shielded eyes,

if laughter bubbled deep inside,
if poetry had come alive,

if my heart felt joy...but it wasn't you,

then someone else must love me,


  1. This is really sweet. It is a great tribute to mothers and daughters everywhere. I love the painting.

  2. I love this Cia, its shows the emotion you felt when creating it ....beautiful x

  3. Beautiful! so loving and sweet!

  4. This is beautiful, the poem as well as the faces. Love her eyes!


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