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Thursday, November 29, 2012


A work-in-progress. I think I'm going to add some watercolor to this, just to highlight certain areas. We'll see. But first, I have to figure out how to fix his legs, which are bothering me. They are supposed to look like he's holding the up close to his body, but they just look "off" to me. Hmmm....


  1. I think he's beautiful- and I googled images of owls to see what their legs looked like and lots of times in the pictures their legs look exactly like what you have drawn. Maybe scan it and shorten them in a computer program and see if that looks better to you- but I think it looks great as it is! I can't wait to see him watercolored in :)

  2. Thanks, Kim. I've been looking at Google images, too. I'm still not sure how I want to fix it, but that's what erasers and computers are for, right? *grin* Thanks for the lovely encouragement. xoxo


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