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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye, Barbie

On May 28th, I wrote a tribute on The Daily Goodbyes to my friend Barbara Taylor Vaughn and said that she'd be leaving us soon. Well, yesterday, two weeks after that post, she was laid to rest. The outpouring of affection for this woman on Facebook, where many of us met her, is incredible. Barbara was a woman who inspired others to be better, to open our hearts to each other, and to serve each other. She was a powerful proponent of volunteer work, cared passionately about the elderly and lonely, and hated Alzheimer's with all the power she had in that tiny little body of hers.

I will miss Barbara, but I am so grateful to have had her in my life. She will forever be a reminder to me of how I want to treat others, and how I want to live my life.

Rest in peace, my friend. You are missed.

P.S. This is a piece of art I was working on during the last days of Barbara's life. It was inspired by her and her daughter, Missy, both of whom love sunflowers. Barbara used to sing "You are My Sunshine" to Missy. I finished the piece today, and it is dedicated to the both of them. It's called The Sunshine Angel.

(Reposted from The Daily Goodbyes.)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reworked and Finished

Final versions of the last two pastel/chalk pieces. I'm happy with them, and really enjoying working with pastels.